Neat - Natural Environmental Awareness Trust
Planting Trees

Worldwide, ten trees are cut down for every one tree that is replanted. Losing our global forests is more than a matter of losing natural beauty - it is also a critical blow to the health of our planet.

Trees store carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They hold soil in place to prevent erosion and keep water supplies clean. Forests provide habitat for countless species of plants and animals. Trees give us wood and paper. Protecting our remaining forests and planting trees to replace those cut down is something we can all do.

NEAT has two ways you can plant trees: the 100% Replanted program and the Memorial Forest program.

100% Replanted is a unique program where you can calculate how many trees go into the wood and paper products you use each year, and then pledge to replant the trees you use. These trees are planted in and around the Erode, Tamilnadu. They will be safe from cutting.

The Memorial Tree program gives families, friends, and co-workers the opportunity to make donations in a loved one’s name to plant trees that will live on in their memory.