Neat - Natural Environmental Awareness Trust
About Us

About Us

“NEAT” means Natural Environmental Awareness Trust, is an Erode based NGO from Tamilnadu, India. As our name stands we are here to NEAT our earth from Global Warming. NEAT is an outfit to promote awareness among the people regarding the Environment, Ecosystem & Pollution. NEAT is committed to livelihood improvements of resource poor farmers through eco friendly farming systems.



Our mission is to protect and safe guard our earth from Global Warming.



NEAT sees its role to create awareness among people to recognise their personal impact on global warming and promote activities to minimise their impact. In this endeavour, we look forward to networking with other interested citizens of India, who can help either as volunteers or resource persons


NEAT has set of Aims and Objectives

  • Make all efforts to protect and preserve the environment
  • Create awareness among people to recognise their personal impact on global warming and promote activities to minimise their impact.
  • Create awareness in school children and college students about Carbon Footprints and promote their fertile thoughts to work in appropriate direction and ensure to reduce it.
  • Educate people to make them understand about Do’s & Don’ts about Carbon Footprints
  • Encourage Municipalities, District Authorities, Development Authorities, entrepreneurs, corporate to adopt Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) reference Kyoto Protocol as per United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • Acquaint people about the direct and indirect losses to the ecosystem resulting due to emission and discharge of polluted air or water by industries engaged in various activities.
  • Explain the necessity of the surface and groundwater and familiarize with the techniques to clean the water, preserve, improve the quality and keep its purity
  • Provide information regarding importance of air, sources of air pollution, adverse impact of air pollution and explain techniques to improve its Quality.
  • Infuse awareness about noise pollution, its harmful effects on human health and motivate to adopt noise reduction measures and techniques.
  • Organising village associations, public meetings, school intervention programmes, replanting programmes, etc. for environmental protection
  • Invite special concern of citizens to understand the importance of Rivers and Trees
  • Encourage people to work for Survival and Revival of Rivers by adopting appropriate techniques.
  • Exchange environment pollution related information/views with experts from Govt.  and Non-Govt. organizations. Organize and participate in National and International seminars, conferences and symposiums.
  • Evolve mechanisms for ecological restoration of degraded forest areas and adjoining lands through systematic planning and implementation, in a cost effective manner
  • Sponsor research and extension of research findings to disseminate new and proper technologies for the regeneration and development of degraded forest areas and adjoining lands;
  • Undertake all other measures necessary for promoting afforestation, tree planting, ecological restoration and eco-development activities through out the country.
  • Create awareness among farmers about Organic Farming
  • Training farmers in sustainable agricultural practices, natural farming methods, compost and bio fertiliser production, etc.